Synonyms and Antonyms of indulgent

  1. 1 tolerant and kind in the judgment of and expectations for others <she was perhaps a bit too indulgent with her children, who always seemed to get away with everything> Synonyms charitable, clement, easy, soft Related Words accommodating, acquiescent, amenable, obliging; easygoing, laid-back, undemanding Near Antonyms demanding; uncharitable, unforgiving; inflexible, intolerant, unbending, uncompromising, unyielding Antonyms hard, harsh, severe, stern, strict

  2. 2 given to or marked by excessive gratification of one's desires <inherited riches helped fuel her indulgent lifestyle> Synonyms decadent, hedonistic, luxurious, overindulgent, self-indulgent, sybariticRelated Words carnal, fleshly, sensual, sensuous, voluptuous; masturbatory, onanistic, self-absorbed, self-obsessed; gluttonous, greedy, rapacious, voracious; extravagant, incontinent, intemperate, reckless, splurging, uncontrolled, wantonNear Antonyms abstemious, abstinent, continent, sober, temperate; ascetic (also ascetical), austere, spartan; disciplined, self-controlled, self-disciplined, self-governedAntonyms self-abnegating, self-denying

  3. 3 willing to do a favor <an indulgent clerk who let me try on practically every size-seven shoe the store had> Synonyms accommodative, friendly, accommodating, obligingRelated Words helpful, solicitous; considerate, thoughtful; agreeable, amenable, complaisant, gracious; lenient, overindulgent, permissive

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