Synonyms and Antonyms of discreet

  1. 1 having or showing good judgment and restraint especially in conduct or speech he was very discreet, only saying what was necessary Synonyms intelligent, judgmatic (or judgmatical), judicious, prudent Related Words cautious, chary, circumspect, cozy; forehanded, foresighted, foresightful, forethoughtful; discerning, discriminating, sage, sane, sapient, senseful, sensible, wise; canny, provident; astute, perspicacious, sagacious, shrewd Near Antonyms careless, heedless, incautious, rash; improvident, shortsighted; foolish, unwise Antonyms imprudent, indiscreet, injudicious

  2. 2 not readily seen or noticed with a discreet gesture, she signalled to her husband that she was ready to leave the party Synonyms unobtrusive, inconspicuous, invisible, unnoticeableRelated Words unnoticed, unremarked, unseen; impalpable, imperceptible, inappreciable, indistinguishable, insensible; faint, indistinct, obscure; concealed, hiddenNear Antonyms arresting, eye-catching, showy, striking; flashy, loud, noisy; apparent, clear, discernible (also discernable), distinct, evident, manifest, obvious, patent, plain, prominent, unmistakable; blatant, flagrant, glaring, gross, screamingAntonyms conspicuous, noticeable, visible

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to criticize severely

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