Synonyms and Antonyms of external

  1. 1 not being a vital part of or belonging to something the defendant's socioeconomic status must be regarded as entirely external to his guilt or innocence Synonyms accidental, adventitious, alien, extraneous, extrinsic, foreign, supervenientRelated Words exterior, outside; immaterial, inapplicable, insignificant, irrelevant; nonessential, unessential, unnecessaryNear Antonyms congenital, deep-seated, inborn, inbred; inside, interior, internal; basic, essential, necessaryAntonyms inherent, innate, intrinsic

  2. 2 situated on the outside or farther out the external chambers of the ancient tomb gave little indication of the magnificence of the innermost chamber Synonyms exterior, outer, outside, outwardRelated Words outermost, outlying, outmost; superficial, surfaceNear Antonyms inmost, innermost; mid, middle, midmostAntonyms inner, inside, interior, internal, inward

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