Synonyms and Antonyms of priceless

  1. 1 having a value beyond any ability to appraise or adequately appreciate good advice is priceless Synonyms inestimable, invaluable Related Words immeasurable, incalculable; costly, dear, expensive, high, precious, premium, pricey (also pricy), superexpensive, valuable Near Antonyms good-for-nothing, no-good, nothing, valueless, worthless

  2. 2 commanding a large price a dealer of priceless antiques Synonyms big-ticket, dear, expensive, extravagant, high, high-end, high-ticket, precious, premium, costly, pricey (also pricy), spendy [chiefly Northwest], ultraexpensive, valuableRelated Words exorbitant, overpriced, prohibitive, sky-high, steep, stiff, unaffordable, uneconomic (or uneconomical), unreasonable; inestimable, invaluable; deluxe, luxurious, sumptuousNear Antonyms moderate, reasonable; valueless, worthless; discountedAntonyms cheap, inexpensive

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