Synonyms and Antonyms of impeach

  1. 1 to make a claim of wrongdoing against the company's president has been impeached by the Securities and Exchange Commission Synonyms charge, criminate, defame [archaic], accuse, incriminate, indictRelated Words blame, call (on), castigate, censure, condemn, criticize, damn, denounce, fault, impugn, reproach, reprobate; chide, rebuke, reprove, tax; appeal, arraign, book, cite, summon; prosecute, sue, try; frame, implicate, inculpate, inform (against), name, report; recriminate, retaliateNear Antonyms advocate, champion, defend; excuse, forgive, justify, pardon, remit, shriveAntonyms absolve, acquit, clear, exculpate, exonerate, vindicate

  2. 2 to demand proof of the truth or rightness of questionable methodology that should cause us to impeach the findings of this survey on obesity Synonyms contest, dispute, challenge, oppugn, query, questionRelated Words doubt, mistrust; kick (about), object (to), protest; combat, fight, oppose, resistNear Antonyms back, defend, support; advocate, champion, promote; abide, endure, stomach, tolerateAntonyms accept, believe, embrace, swallow

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