Synonyms and Antonyms of counterpart

  1. 1 one that is equal to another in status, achievement, or value she worked with her counterpart in the other office to get the job done Synonyms coequal, compeer, coordinate, equal, equivalent, fellow, like, match, parallel, peer, rivalRelated Words analogue (or analog); double, half, mate, twin; associate, colleague, companion, copartner, partner; competitor

  2. 2 something or someone that strongly resembles another the daughter is her mother's counterpart in somewhat reduced form Synonyms alter ego, carbon, carbon copy, clone, image, doppelgänger (or doppelganger), double, duplicate, duplication, facsimile, fetch, likeness, look-alike, match, mirror image, picture, replica, ringer, spit, spitting image, twinRelated Words Chinese copy; effigy, portrait, portrayal; companion, fellow, mate; equal, equivalent; analogue (or analog), parallelNear Antonyms antithesis, converse, opposite, reverse

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