Synonyms and Antonyms of disagreement

  1. 1 variance of opinion on a matter there was some disagreement about what color the missing sweater actually was Synonyms of disagreement contestation, controversy, debate, difference, difficulty, disputation, dispute, dissension (also dissention), dissensus, firestorm, nonconcurrence Words Related to disagreement clash, collision, conflict, confliction, disaccord, discord, dissonance; apartness, divarication, division; combat, contention, strife, struggle; altercation, argument, bicker, falling-out, fight, kickup, misunderstanding, quarrel, set-to Near Antonyms of disagreement acceptance, compliance; concord, peace Antonyms of disagreement accord, agreement, consensus, harmony, unanimity

  2. 2 an often noisy or angry expression of differing opinions a loud disagreement started as soon as we tried to order pizza for everyone Synonyms of disagreement altercation, argle-bargle [chiefly British], argy-bargy [chiefly British], battle royal, bicker, brawl, contretemps, controversy, cross fire, argument, dispute, donnybrook, falling-out, fight, hassle, imbroglio, kickup, misunderstanding, quarrel, rhubarb, row, scrap, set-to, spat, squabble, tiff, wrangleWords Related to disagreement clash, run-in, skirmish, tangle, tussle; logomachy; feud, vendetta; attack, contention, dissension (also dissention); debate, difference, disputation; fuss, objection, protest, protestation; affray [chiefly British], fisticuffs, fracas, fray, free-for-all, melee (also mêlée); catfight

  3. 3 the quality or state of being different there is some disagreement between the accounts on the sequence of events Synonyms of disagreement contrast, difference, discrepancy, disparateness, disparity, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, distance, distinction, distinctiveness, distinctness, diverseness, diversity, otherness, unlikenessWords Related to disagreement deviance, divergence; differentiability, discriminability, distinguishability; change, modification, variation; conflict, discord, discordance, dissension (also dissention), dissent, dissidence, disunity, friction, strife; variability, variance; anomalousness, dichotomy, incompatibility, incongruence, incongruity, incongruousness, nonconformity; disproportion, imbalance, inequality, nonequivalenceNear Antonyms of disagreement identicalness, identity; accordance, agreement, conformity, congruity, correspondence, parallelism, similitude; equality, equivalence, equivalency; homogeneity, homogeneousness, uniformityAntonyms of disagreement alikeness, analogousness, analogy, community, likeness, resemblance, sameness, similarity

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of very fine texture or delicate form

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