Synonyms and Antonyms of dimension

  1. 1 the total amount of measurable space or surface occupied by something the mansion is great in dimension but not in splendor Synonyms bulk, {h,1}size, extent, magnitude, measure, measurement, proportionRelated Words area; capaciousness, commodiousness, roominess, spaciousness; ampleness, amplitude, bigness, bulkiness, enormousness, grandness, greatness, grossness, heftiness, hugeness, immenseness, immensity, largeness, mass, massiveness, monstrousness, stupendousness, tremendousness, vastness, volume, voluminousness

  2. 2 dimensions pl  an area over which activity, capacity, or influence extends the vast dimensions of the subject will require years of study Synonyms ambit, amplitude, breadth, compass, confines, range(s), extent, reach, realm, scope, sweep, widthRelated Words gamut, spectrum, spread; bailiwick, circle, demesne, department, discipline, domain, element, fief, fiefdom, field, province, region, specialty, sphere, terrain; frontier; horizon, panorama

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