Synonyms and Antonyms of equipoise

  1. 1 a condition in which opposing forces are equal to one another when participating in any dangerous sport, one should maintain an equipoise between fearless boldness and commonsense caution Synonyms counterpoise, equilibration, equilibrium, balance, poise, stasisRelated Words counterbalance, offset; firmness, fixedness, security, stability, steadinessNear Antonyms changeability, fluctuation, inconstancy, insecurity, instability, mutability, precariousness, shakiness, unsteadiness, volatilityAntonyms disequilibration, disequilibrium, imbalance, nonequilibrium, unbalance

  2. 2 a force or influence that makes an opposing force ineffective or less effective her frugality is a much-needed equipoise to her husband's spendthrift ways Synonyms balance, canceler (or canceller), corrective, counter, counteraction, counterforce, counterpoise, counterweight, counterbalance, neutralizer, offsetRelated Words trade-off; ballast, weight

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