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  1. 1 an unused or unwanted piece or item typically of small size or value the fabric store sells oddments left over from cutting Synonyms end, fag end, leftover, {h,1}scrap, remainder, remnant, stubRelated Words leavings, odds and ends, pickings, refuse, remains, residual, residue, scraping(s), stump, vestige; balance, rest; chip, flake, fragment, piece, sliver, splinter; ribbon(s), shred, tatterNear Antonyms whole

  2. 2 something that is different from what is ordinary or expected one of those medical oddments that has perplexed and intrigued generations of medical historians Synonyms aberration, abnormality, exception, oddity, anomaly, rarityRelated Words curiosity, peculiarity, singularity; accident, bizarrerie, phenomenon, quirk, vagary; distortion, kink, mutation, variation; difference, disparity, inconsistence, inconsistency; error, mistake; contradiction, paradoxNear Antonyms norm, ordinary, usual

  3. 3 something strange or unusual that is an object of interest an exhibit devoted to the incredible array of oddments that are collected by people the world over Synonyms curio, exotic, objet d'art (also objet), oddity, curiosity, rarityRelated Words found object, objet trouvé; curiosa, ephemera, virtu (or vertu); marvel, prodigy, rara avis, rare bird, wonder; abnormality, anomaly, freak, monster, monstrosity; malformation, mutant, mutation

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