Synonyms and Antonyms of leftover

  1. 1 an unused or unwanted piece or item typically of small size or value that doormat is just a leftover from when the new carpet was installed Synonyms end, fag end, {h,1}scrap, oddment, remainder, remnant, stubRelated Words leavings, odds and ends, pickings, refuse, remains, residual, residue, scraping(s), stump, vestige; balance, rest; chip, flake, fragment, piece, sliver, splinter; ribbon(s), shred, tatterNear Antonyms whole

  2. 2 leftovers pl  a remaining group or portion take as many of these calendars as you want, and put the leftovers back on the shelf Synonyms balance, leavings, leftovers, odds and ends, remains, remnant, residue, residuum, restRelated Words fragment, scrap, vestige; butt, oddment, scraping(s), stub, stump; excess, fat, overabundance, overage, overflow, overkill, overmuch, oversupply, superabundance, superfluity, surfeit, surplusNear Antonyms body, bulk, main, mass, most, weight

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