Synonyms and Antonyms of anomaly

  1. 1 something that is different from what is ordinary or expected <her C grade is an anomaly, as she's never made anything except A's and B's before> Synonyms aberration, abnormality, exception, oddity, oddment, rarity Related Words curiosity, peculiarity, singularity; accident, bizarrerie, phenomenon, quirk, vagary; distortion, kink, mutation, variation; difference, disparity, inconsistence, inconsistency; error, mistake; contradiction, paradox Near Antonyms norm, ordinary, usual

  2. 2 a person, thing, or event that is far from normal <snow in July is an anomaly in most of the northern hemisphere> Synonyms abnormality, freak, monster, monstrosityRelated Words abortion, malformation, miscreation, mutant, mutation; character, crackbrain, crackpot, crank, eccentric, kook, nut, oddball, screwball, weirdo; aberrant, deviant; individualist, maverick, nonconformist; curiosity, peculiarity, singularity; aberration, exception, irregularity, oddity, rarityNear Antonyms sample, specimen; commonplace, usualAntonyms average, norm, normal, par, standard

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