Synonyms and Antonyms of curio

  1. 1 a small object displayed for its attractiveness or interest be careful of the fragile curios on the end tables Synonyms bauble, bibelot, knickknack, curiosity, doodad, gaud, gewgaw (also geegaw), gimcrack, kickshaw, novelty, ornamental, tchotchke, trinketRelated Words bijouterie, bric-a-brac, gimcrackery, trinketry, trumpery, virtu (or vertu); bagatelle, trifle; figurine, objet d'art (also objet), ornament; keepsake, memento, souvenir; conversation piece; collectible (or collectable), collector's item

  2. 2 something strange or unusual that is an object of interest a museum's collection of curios brought back from the Far East by 19th-century traders Synonyms curiosity, exotic, objet d'art (also objet), oddity, oddment, rarityRelated Words found object, objet trouvé; curiosa, ephemera, virtu (or vertu); marvel, prodigy, rara avis, rare bird, wonder; abnormality, anomaly, freak, monster, monstrosity; malformation, mutant, mutation

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