horseless carriage


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  1. a self-propelled passenger vehicle on four wheels with the coming of the horseless carriage, distances between places were greatly reduced and the national landscape was transformed Synonyms auto, automobile, bus, car, machine, motor, motorcar, motor vehicle, wheels [slang]Related Words coach, jitney, microbus, minibus, minivan, omnibus, van; convertible, fastback, hardtop, hatchback, notchback, ragtop, sports car, sport-utility vehicle, station wagon, SUV, town car, wagon, woody (or woodie); compact, coupe (or coupé), intermediate, limousine, mini, minicar, sedan, subcompact, V-8; gas-guzzler, land yacht; muscle car, stock car, turbocar; beater, clunker, crate, flivver, jalopy, junker; cream puff; phaeton, roadster, tin lizzie, touring car; hybrid

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