Synonyms and Antonyms of impishness

  1. 1 a natural disposition for playful behavior her irrepressible impishness means that no one is ever safe from her practical jokes Synonyms coltishness, espièglerie, friskiness, playfulness, larkiness, mischief, mischievousness, prankishness, sportfulness, sportiveness, tricksinessRelated Words coyness, kittenishness; archness, devilment, devilry (or deviltry), hob, rascality, roguishness, waggery; devilishness, diabolicalness, knavery; frivolousness; energy, liveliness, spiritedness, sprightliness, spunkiness, vivaciousness, vivacity; gaiety (also gayety), jocularity, jocundity, lightheartedness, mirthfulness, whimsicalityNear Antonyms graveness, grimness, serious-mindedness, seriousness, solemnity, solemnness, sternness; priggishness, starchiness, stuffiness; constraint, restraint, self-controlAntonyms earnestness, soberness, sobersidedness

  2. 2 playful, reckless behavior that is not intended to cause serious harm the boys' impishness was easy to forgive, since it caused no real harm Synonyms devilishness, devilment, devilry (or deviltry), diablerie, espièglerie, hob, mischief, knavery, mischievousness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan(s), waggery, waggishness, wickednessRelated Words diabolicalness, misbehavior, misconduct, naughtiness, troublemaking; buffoonery, friskiness, playfulness, sportiveness; chicanery, trickery; goings-on, hanky-panky, high jinks (also hijinks), monkey business, monkeying, monkeyshine(s), skylarking, tomfoolery; horseplay, roughhousing; antic, caper, dido, practical joke, trick; aggravation, annoyance, exasperation, irritationNear Antonyms gravitas, gravity, seriousness, solemnity, solemnness

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