Synonyms and Antonyms of vanquish

  1. to bring under one's control by force of arms <vanquished nation after nation in his relentless conquest of Europe> Synonyms dominate, overpower, pacify, subdue, subject, subjugate, subordinate, conquerRelated Words annihilate, beat, clobber, crush, defeat, drub, lick, mow (down), overcome, prevail (over), reduce, rout, skunk, smash, thrash, triumph (over), trounce, wallop, whip; enslave; break, clamp down (on), crack down (on), put down, quash, quell, repress, silence, smother, snuff (out), squash, squelch, suppressNear Antonyms discharge, emancipate, enfranchise, free, liberate, manumit, release, spring, unbind, uncage, unchain, unfetter

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