Synonyms and Antonyms of ice

  1. 1 to make sure, certain, or safe <with that win, the team has pretty much iced a spot in the play-offs> Synonyms assure, cinch, guarantee, guaranty, ensure, insure, secureRelated Words attest, certify, vouch, warrant, witness; pledge, promise, swearNear Antonyms enfeeble, undermine, weaken

  2. 2 slang  to put to death deliberately <that gang leader wouldn't hesitate to ice anyone who tries to invade his turf> Synonyms assassinate, bump off, croak [slang], dispatch, do in, execute, get, murder [slang], knock off, liquidate, neutralize, off [slang], put away, rub out, slay, snuff, take out, terminate, whack [slang]Related Words blow away, shoot, shoot down; blot out, carry off, claim, cut down, destroy, fell, kill, smite, zap; butcher, massacre, mow (down), slaughter; annihilate, eliminate, eradicate, exterminate, wipe outNear Antonyms animate, raise, restore, resurrect, resuscitate, revive

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rude, impolite, or socially unacceptable

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