get up


Synonyms and Antonyms of get up

  1. 1 to leave one's bed you need to get right up when the alarm goes off in the morning Synonyms arise, rise, roll out, turn out, upriseRelated Words arouse, awake, awaken, bestir, stir, wakeNear Antonyms catnap, doze, drop off, lie up, nap, nod, rest, sleep, slumber, snooze; bunk, perch, roost, settle; couch, doss (down) [chiefly British], flop (down), lie (down), reclineAntonyms bed (down), retire, turn in

  2. 2 to outfit with clothes and especially fine or special clothes all got up in her Sunday best Synonyms apparel, array, attire, bedeck, caparison, costume, deck (out), do up, dress, dress up, enrobe, garb, garment, clothe, gown, habit, invest, rig (out), robe, suit, tog (up or out), toilet, vestureRelated Words cloak, frock, jacket, mantle, vest; drape, enswathe, hap [dialect], huddle, swaddle, swathe, wrap; accoutre (or accouter), bedight [archaic], equip, furnish, habilitate, outfit, tailor, uniform; dress down, underdressNear Antonyms denude, divest, uncover, undrape, unveilAntonyms disarray, disrobe, strip, unclothe, undress, untruss [archaic]

  3. 3 to call into being through the use of one's inner resources or powers I'm still trying to get up the energy to reply Synonyms conjure (up), gather, summonRelated Words educe, elicit, evoke, raise

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