knock off


Synonyms and Antonyms of knock off

  1. 1 to bring (as an action or operation) to an immediate end knock it off! Synonyms of knock off break, break off, break up, can [slang], cease, cut off, cut out, desist (from), discontinue, drop, end, give over, halt, stop, lay off, leave off, pack (up or in), quit, shut offWords Related to knock off complete, conclude, finish; close (down); deactivate; block, blockade, dam, delay, detain, hinder, hold, hold back, impede, kibosh, obstruct, stem; call, suspend; arrest, brake, check, clamp down, rein (in), squash, squelch, stamp, stanch (or staunch), stunt, suppress, turn back; pause, stay, suspend; abolish, abort, annul, demolish, destroy, dissolve, kill, ruin, scuttle, snuffNear Antonyms of knock off carry on, continue, follow through (with), keep up, run on; advance, proceed, progress; actuate, drive, impel, propel, stir

  2. 2 to stop doing (something) permanently decided it was time to knock off telling fantastic fibs about her family background Synonyms of knock off abandon, discontinue, drop, give up, quit, lay off (of), pack (up or in)Words Related to knock off break off, break up, cease, close, conclude, end, expire, finish, halt, leave off, shut off; pause, taper off; throw up; round (off or out), terminate, wind up, wrap upNear Antonyms of knock off go, run on; hang in, hang on, hold on, persevere, persist; follow through (with); renew, reopen, restart, resume; preserve, stay; begin, commence, startAntonyms of knock off carry on, continue, keep, keep up, maintain

  3. 3 to take away (an amount or number) from a total a proposal to knock 10 cents off the gasoline tax Synonyms of knock off abate, deduct, subtract, take offWords Related to knock off decrease, diminish, discount, downsize, dwindle, knock down, lessen, lower, reduce; abbreviate, abridge, clip, crop, curtail, cut, cut back, cut down, dock, pare, prune, retrench, shorten, slash, trim, truncate, whittleNear Antonyms of knock off adjoin, annex, append; complement, supplement; enhance, heighten, intensify, magnify; aggrandize, amplify, augment, beef (up), boost, compound, enlarge, escalate, expand, increase, multiply, raiseAntonyms of knock off add, tack (on)

  4. 4 to remove valuables from (a place) unlawfully Bonnie and Clyde coped with the Great Depression by knocking off banks Synonyms of knock off burglarize, burgle, rob, knock over, rip off, steal (from), take off [slang]Words Related to knock off ransack, rifle; despoil, loot, pillage, plunder, ravish, sack, spoil, strip; bleed, break in, cheat, chisel, cozen, defraud, exploit, fleece, gyp, hustle, mulct, pluck, rook, shortchange, skin, squeeze, stick, sting, swindle; hold up, mug, roll, stick up

  5. 5 to put to death deliberately various assassins have tried to knock off the dictator over the years Synonyms of knock off assassinate, bump off, croak [slang], dispatch, do in, execute, get, ice [slang], murder, liquidate, neutralize, off [slang], put away, rub out, slay, snuff, take out, terminate, whack [slang]Words Related to knock off blow away, shoot, shoot down; blot out, carry off, claim, cut down, destroy, fell, kill, smite, zap; butcher, massacre, mow (down), slaughter; annihilate, eliminate, eradicate, exterminate, wipe outNear Antonyms of knock off animate, raise, restore, resurrect, resuscitate, revive

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