lay out


Synonyms and Antonyms of lay out

  1. 1 to hand over or use up in payment <he laid out big bucks for a new lawnmower that runs by itself> Synonyms disburse, drop, expend, fork (over, out, or up), give, spend, outlay, pay, shell outRelated Words lavish, rain; blow, dissipate, fritter (away), run through, squander, throw away, wasteNear Antonyms cache, hoard, lay up, save; acquire, earn, gain, garner, make, procure, realize, secure, win

  2. 2 to work out the details of (something) in advance <the transatlantic balloonists laid out a backup plan in case of an emergency> Synonyms arrange, blueprint, budget, calculate, chart, choreograph, design, frame, plan, map (out), organize, prepare, project, scheme (out), shape, strategize (about)Related Words conspire, contrive, devise, intrigue, machinate, plot, put up; concert, get up; draft, outline, sketch; aim, figure, have on, intend, mean; contemplate, meditate, premeditate

  3. 3 to put into a particular arrangement <plants in the botanical gardens are laid out according to biogeographic region> Synonyms arrange, array, classify, codify, dispose, draw up, order, marshal (also marshall), organize, range, systematizeRelated Words groom, make up, spruce (up), straighten (up), tidy (up); unscramble; align (also aline), cue, line, line up, queue; alphabetize, file, hierarchize, prioritize, sequence; emplace, place, set; display, map (out), set outAntonyms derange, disarrange, disarray, disorder, mess (up), muss (up), rumple, upset

  4. 4 to present so as to invite notice or attention <for the historic celebration, the museum laid out its full collection of native artifacts> Synonyms display, disport, exhibit, expose, flash, flaunt, show, parade, produce, show off, sport, strut, unveilRelated Words brandish, flourish, wave; advertise, air, announce, blaze, broadcast, herald, placard, post, proclaim, publicize, sound, trumpet; divulge, talk (about), tell (of); bare, discover, reveal, uncloak, uncover, unmaskNear Antonyms camouflage, disguise, mask; conceal, cover, curtain, enshroud, hide, obscure, occlude, occult, shroud, veil

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