beef up


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  1. 1 to increase the ability of (as a muscle) to exert physical force beefed up the walls with iron bars Synonyms strengthen (up), fortify, harden, toughenRelated Words anneal, temper; firm (up), tone (up); energize, invigorate, vitalize; restrengthenNear Antonyms cripple, incapacitate, paralyze; damage, harm, hurt, impair, injure; break down, wear out; sap, undercut, undermineAntonyms debilitate, enervate, enfeeble, weaken

  2. 2 to make markedly greater in measure or degree will beef up security for the next few days while the president is in town Synonyms accentuate, amp (up), amplify, intensify (up), boost, consolidate, deepen, enhance, heighten, magnify, redouble, step up, strengthenRelated Words broaden, enlarge, expand, extend, lengthen; accelerate, hasten, quicken; emphasize, point (up), sharpen, stress; augment, enforce, reinforce (also reenforce), restrengthen, supplement; maximize; enliven, jazz (up); aggravate, exacerbateNear Antonyms decrease, diminish, lessen, let up (on), reduce, subdue, tone (down), weaken; dwindle, recede, subside, taper (off), wane; alleviate, ease, lightenAntonyms abate, moderate

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a trip made at another's expense

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