Synonyms and Antonyms of takeoff

  1. 1 a rising from a surface at the start of a flight (as of a rocket) make sure your tray table is safely put away during takeoff Synonyms blastoff, launch, liftoffRelated Words ascentNear Antonyms crash; splashdownAntonyms landing

  2. 2 a work that imitates and exaggerates another work for comic effect a sitcom that's a takeoff of an old TV show from the 1960s Synonyms burlesque, caricature, put-on, rib, send-up, spoof, parody, travestyRelated Words lampoon, mockery, satire; comedy, farce, humor, sketch, slapstick, squib; distortion, exaggeration; imitation, impersonation, mimicking

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