Synonyms and Antonyms of comedy

  1. 1 humorous entertainment <presented a night of comedy as part of the weeklong celebrations> Synonyms farce, humor, slapstick Related Words high comedy, low comedy; burlesque, parody, satire; improv, stand-up; banter, drollery, persiflage, wit; foolery, fun, horseplay, knockabout, monkeyshine(s), shenanigan(s)

  2. 2 the amusing quality or element in something <I just don't see the comedy in someone flunking a driving test that they really needed to pass> Synonyms humor, comic, comicality, drollery, drollness, funniness, hilariousness, humorousness, richness, uproariousnessRelated Words amusement, enjoyment, fun, pleasure; absurdity, irony, laughableness, ludicrousness, ridiculousness; whimsicality, wittiness, wryness; burlesque, caricature, farce, jest, lampoon, parody, satire, slapstick, spoof, takeoff; jocularity, jokiness, playfulness, waggishnessNear Antonyms agony, anguish, dolor, grief, heartache, heartbreak, misery, sorrow, torment, torture, tribulation, woe; gravity, seriousness, soberness, solemnity, solemnness, sombernessAntonyms pathos

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