Synonyms and Antonyms of excruciating

  1. 1 intensely or unbearably painful those who publicly disagreed with the government were subjected to excruciating torture Synonyms of excruciating agonizing, harrowing, racking, raging, tormenting, torturing, torturous, wrenching Words Related to excruciating acute, exquisite, extreme, fierce, intense, vehement, violent; biting, cutting, penetrating, piercing, sharp, shooting, smarting, stabbing, stinging, tearing, tingling

  2. 2 difficult to endure the excruciating heat that the settlers faced as they crossed the deserts of the Southwest Synonyms of excruciating bitter, brutal, burdensome, cruel, harsh, grievous, grim, hard, hardhanded, heavy, inhuman, murderous, onerous, oppressive, rough, rugged, searing, severe, stiff, tough, tryingWords Related to excruciating austere, bleak, comfortless, discomforting, forbidding, inhospitable, spartan, uncomfortable; biting, inclement, intemperate, wild; rigorous, strict, stringent; agonizing, heartbreaking, heartrending, painful, wretched; crushing, grinding, overwhelming, wearing; insufferable, insupportable, intolerable, unbearable, unendurable; harrowing, tortuous; bad, disagreeable, hostile, unfriendly, unpleasantNear Antonyms of excruciating comfortable, cozy, luxurious, snug; agreeable, friendly, genial, hospitable, pleasant; peaceful, relaxing, reposeful, restful; bearable, endurable, painless, tolerable; balmy, calm, clement, gentle, mild, moderate, temperateAntonyms of excruciating easy, light, soft

  3. 3 hard to accept or bear especially emotionally most excruciating of all was the endless wait for news of any survivors of the plane crash Synonyms of excruciating afflicting, agonizing, cruel, bitter, galling, grievous, harrowing, harsh, heartrending, hurtful, painful, tormenting, torturousWords Related to excruciating insufferable, insupportable, intolerable, unacceptable, unbearable, unendurable, unsupportable; appalling, awful, bad, dire, dreadful, ghastly, horrible, miserable, nasty, rotten, severe, terrible, vile, wretched; acute, extreme, intense, piercingNear Antonyms of excruciating bearable, endurable, supportable, sustainable, tolerable; livable (also liveable), sufferable, survivable; acceptable, allowable, reasonableAntonyms of excruciating gratifying, pleasing, sweet

  4. 4 extreme in degree, power, or effect the excruciating grief they felt upon the loss of their child Synonyms of excruciating acute, almighty, blistering, deep, dreadful, intense, explosive, exquisite, fearful, fearsome, ferocious, fierce, frightful, furious, ghastly, hard, heavy, heavy-duty, hellacious, intensive, keen, profound, terrible, vehement, vicious, violentWords Related to excruciating accentuated, aggravated, concentrated, deepened; emphasized, enhanced, heightened, intensified, magnified; stressed; exhaustive, thorough; harsh, rigorous, severeNear Antonyms of excruciating feeble, weak; shallow, superficial; moderated, qualified; alleviated, eased, lightened, toned (down); abated, decreased, diminished, lessened, reduced, subduedAntonyms of excruciating light, moderate, soft

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