Synonyms and Antonyms of grating

  1. 1 disagreeable to one's aesthetic or artistic sense the mix of colors in that painting is terribly grating Synonyms harsh, grotesque, jarring, unaestheticRelated Words acid, flashy, garish, gaudy, loud, tawdry; tacky, tasteless, vulgar; inartistic, unartistic; artless, clumsy, crude, graceless, inelegant, rude; uncouth, uncultured, unrefined; disgusting, gross, obscene, repugnant, repulsive, ugly; disagreeable, jolting, unpleasant, unpleasing; blaring, clashing, discordant, disharmonious, dissonant, inharmonious, jangling, off-key, ragged, raspy, raucous, unmelodious, unmusical; bizarre, kinky, odd, outlandish, shockingNear Antonyms artful, artistic; attractive, beautiful, becoming, comely; agreeable, appealing, felicitous, good, harmonious, harmonizing, pleasing, seemly; calming, comforting, soothing; softened, subdued; cultured, elegant, graceful, gracious, polished, refined, tastefulAntonyms aesthetic (also esthetic or aesthetical or esthetical)

  2. 2 harsh and dry in sound with a grating voice, she croaked a feeble “hello” Synonyms coarse, croaking, croaky, hoarse, gravel, gravelly, gruff, husky, rasping, raspy, rusty, scratchy, throatyRelated Words growling, growly, guttural; abrasive, cacophonous, discordant, grinding, jarring, rough, scraping, scratching; cawing, raucous, screeching, squawking, strident; choked, cracked, strained, strangled; dissonant, inharmonious, unmelodious, unmusicalNear Antonyms gentle, gliding, golden, liquid, mellifluent, mellifluous, mellow, soothing, sweet, tender; satiny, silken, smooth, soft, velvety; euphonious, lyric, lyrical, melodic, melodious, musical

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