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Synonyms and Antonyms of care for

  1. 1 to take charge of especially on behalf of another will you care for the lawn while we're gone? Synonyms attend, {h,2}tend (for), mind, oversee, superintend, supervise, watchRelated Words administrate, conduct, control, direct, govern, guide, manage, operate, preside (over), regulate, run, steward; guard, patrol, protect, safeguard, shield; baby, babysit, chaperone (or chaperon), mother, shepherdNear Antonyms abandon, disregard, forget, ignore, neglect, pass over

  2. 2 to attend to the needs and comforts of he is caring for his mother while she's sick Synonyms administer (to), nurse (for), minister (to), motherRelated Words cure, heal, remedy; doctor, treat; aid, conserve, preserve, provide (for), support; baby, coddle, mollycoddle, pamper, spoil; cater (to), humor; indulgeNear Antonyms brush (aside or off), forget, ignore, neglect, overlook, slight

  3. 3 to have a favorable opinion of I don't really care for what you're doing with that dog Synonyms accept, approve (for), countenance, favor, OK (or okay), subscribe (to)Related Words acclaim, applaud, laud, praise, salute; back (up), concur (in), stand by, support, sustain, uphold; bear, endure, tolerate; assent (to), consent (to); commend, recommend; enjoy, likeNear Antonyms blacklist, censure, condemn, criticize, damn, denounce, deprecate, depreciate, disparage, reprehend, reprobate; dislike, mind; detest, hate, loathe; dissent (from), object (to), opposeAntonyms disapprove (of), discountenance, disfavor, frown (on or upon)

  4. 4 to wish to have I don't particularly care for rice cereal, but I'll eat it Synonyms like (for), wantRelated Words adore, delight (in), dig, enjoy, fancy, groove (on), love, relish, revel (in), welcome; covet, crave, desire, die (for), hanker (for or after), wish (for), yearn (for)

  5. 5 to show partiality toward she generally doesn't care for war movies Synonyms prefer (for), favor, lean (toward or towards), likeRelated Words adore, cotton (to), delight (in), dig, enjoy, fancy, groove (on), relish, revel (in); choose, cull, handpick, name, pick, select, single (out), take; covet, crave, desire, hanker (for or after), want, wish (for); bias, prejudice; incline (toward), tend (to); admire, appreciate, cherish, prize, treasure, valueNear Antonyms disfavor, dislike, mislike; abhor, abominate, detest, hate, loathe; decline, refuse, reject, turn down; discard, jettison, throw away, throw out

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