come back


Synonyms and Antonyms of come back

  1. 1 to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness she's slowly coming back after being in a coma Synonyms convalesce, gain, heal, mend, pull round [chiefly British], rally, recoup, recover, recuperate, snap backRelated Words come around, come round, come to, improve, pick up, revive; cheer (up), perk (up); pull through, survive; recruitNear Antonyms ail, collapse, come down, sicken; decline, degenerate, deteriorate, fade, fail, languish, sink, waste (away), weaken, wilt, wither, worsen; regress, relapse

  2. 2 to regain a former or normal state the American bald eagle was once nearly extinct but has come back strong Synonyms bounce (back), recover, rally, rebound, snap backRelated Words reanimate, revitalize, reviveNear Antonyms decline, fail, worsen

  3. 3 to speak or write in reaction to a question or to another reaction he came back with another one of his smart remarks Synonyms answer, rejoin, reply, respond, retort, return, riposteRelated Words acknowledge, comment, communicate, correspond, react, remark; counter, defend, deny, explain, field, rebut, refuteNear Antonyms challenge, cross-examine, examine, grill, interrogate, pump, quiz; poll, query, surveyAntonyms ask, inquire, question

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