\ˈgu̇d \
better\ˈbe-​tər \; best\ˈbest \

Definition of good 

(Entry 1 of 3)

1a(1) : of a favorable character or tendency good news

(2) : bountiful, fertile good land

(3) : handsome, attractive good looks

b(1) : suitable, fit good to eat

(2) : free from injury or disease one good arm

(3) : not depreciated bad money drives out good

(4) : commercially sound a good risk

(5) : that can be relied on good for another year good for a hundred dollars always good for a laugh

(6) : profitable, advantageous made a very good deal

c(1) : agreeable, pleasant had a good time

(2) : salutary, wholesome good for a cold

(3) : amusing, clever a good joke

d(1) : of a noticeably large size or quantity : considerable won by a good margin a good bit of the time

(2) : full waited a good hour

(3) used as a word that gives force or emphasis to a statement a good many of us

e(1) : well-founded, cogent good reasons

(2) : true holds good for society at large

(3) : deserving of respect : honorable in good standing

(4) : legally valid or effectual good title

f(1) : adequate, satisfactory good care often used in faint praise his serve is only good— Frank Deford

(2) : conforming to a standard good English

(3) : liking only things that are of good quality : choice, discriminating good taste

(4) : containing less fat and being less tender than higher grades used of meat and especially of beef

g sports

(1) of a serve or shot : landing in the proper area of the court in tennis and similar games The serve was good.

(2) of a shot or kick : successfully done(basketball) The first foul shot was good but she missed the second one.(American football) The kick was good from 45 yards. The kick was no good. [=was missed]

h informal : having everything desired or required : content and not wanting or needing to do anything further "Do you want anything else to drink?" "No thanks, I'm good." "I have had girlfriends say, 'Hey, you wanna go walking?' And I'm just not interested. I'm like 'Uh, no, I'm good.' But they keep inviting me!"— Laila Ali

2a(1) : virtuous, right, commendable a good person good conduct

(2) : kind, benevolent good intentions

b : upper-class a good family

c : competent, skillful a good doctor

d(1) : loyal a good party man a good Catholic

(2) : close a good friend

e : free from infirmity or sorrow I feel good

as good as

: in effect : virtually as good as dead

as good as gold

1 : of the highest worth or reliability his promise is as good as gold

2 : well-behaved the child was as good as gold

good and \ˌgu̇d-​ᵊn \

: very, entirely was good and mad



Definition of good (Entry 2 of 3)

1a : something that is good

b(1) : something conforming to the moral order of the universe

(2) : praiseworthy character : goodness

c : a good element or portion

2a : advancement of prosperity or well-being the good of the community it's for your own good

b : something useful or beneficial it's no good trying

3a : something that has economic utility or satisfies an economic want

b goods plural : personal property having intrinsic value but usually excluding money, securities, and negotiable instruments

c goods plural : cloth

d goods plural : something manufactured or produced for sale : wares, merchandise canned goods

e goods plural, British : freight

4 : good persons used with the

5 goods plural

a : the qualities required to achieve an end

b : proof of wrongdoing didn't have the goods on him— T. G. Cooke

for good or less commonly for good and all

: forever, permanently She's gone for good.

in good with

: in a favored position with

to the good

1 : for the best : beneficial efforts to restrict credit were all to the goodTime

2 : in a position of net gain or profit wound up $10 to the good



Definition of good (Entry 3 of 3)

1 : well he showed me how good I was doing— Herbert Gold

2 used as an intensive a good long time

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goodish \ˈgu̇-​dish \ adjective

Good vs. Well: Usage Guide


An old notion that it is wrong to say "I feel good" in reference to health still occasionally appears in print. The origins of this notion are obscure, but they seem to combine someone's idea that good should be reserved to describe virtue and uncertainty about whether an adverb or an adjective should follow feel. Today nearly everyone agrees that both good and well can be predicate adjectives after feel. Both are used to express good health, but good may connote good spirits in addition to good health.

Good vs. Well: Usage Guide


Adverbial good has been under attack from the schoolroom since the 19th century. Insistence on well rather than good has resulted in a split in connotation: well is standard, neutral, and colorless, while good is emotionally charged and emphatic. This makes good the adverb of choice in sports. "I'm seeing the ball real good" is what you hear — Roger Angell In such contexts as listen up. And listen good — Alex Karras lets fly with his tomatoes before they can flee. He gets Clarence good — Charles Dickinson good cannot be adequately replaced by well. Adverbial good is primarily a spoken form; in writing it occurs in reported and fictional speech and in generally familiar or informal contexts.

Examples of good in a Sentence


You'll need better tools for this job. The car is in good condition. There are some good restaurants in this neighborhood. I'm afraid your work is just not good enough. Keep up the good work. “Would you hire her again?” “Yes, I would. She does good work.” The food was good but not great. He has done good but not outstanding work. Did you have a good time at the party? We're expecting good weather for the weekend.


the battle of good versus evil Teachers can be a strong force for good. the difference between good and bad They had to sacrifice lesser goods for greater ones. What is life's highest good? Parents must teach their children the difference between the good and the bad. She believes that the good go to heaven when they die and the bad go to hell. Only the good die young. She believes there is some good in everyone.


Things have been going good lately. The team is doing good this year. “How did you hit the ball today?” “Good.” The other team whipped us good.
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Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective

O’Brien has picked Savage, with five career starts, to go behind center despite Deshaun Watson making a good impression . Teresa M. Walker, The Seattle Times, "NFL 2017: Titans, Mariota eager to push aside Texans, Colts," 30 Aug. 2017 Faulconer spokesman Craig Gustafson issued a statement saying the mayor is proud to raise money to supports good causes, including One San Diego. Jeff Mcdonald,, "Charitable giving at mayor's behest tops $2 million," 30 Aug. 2017 Nonetheless, the fact someone like Khosrowshahia is now atop one of the world's most prominent companies, can only be good news for bitcoin believers. Jeff John Roberts, Fortune, "Uber’s New CEO Is a Bitcoin Fan," 30 Aug. 2017 Allen proved to be one of the best cover men in the Big Ten during his career. Matthew Glenesk, Indianapolis Star, "Best Purdue football players from the past 25 years," 30 Aug. 2017 The offer is good Friday through Monday, and includes the FPLSolarNow Cooling Party on Sunday and Monday, and a DJ will fill the Fountain Plaza with music from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday through Monday ( Jennifer Jhon, South Florida Parenting, "What to do with the kids this weekend: Free zoo, bowling and crafts events," 30 Aug. 2017 Federal officials did not make good on their estimate that an initial report would be released in January., "Trust damaged between Milwaukee police and community, Department of Justice draft report says," 30 Aug. 2017 Nov. 18–19 — Treme Creole Gumbo Festival brings brass bands and simmering pots of the good stuff to Armstrong Park. Todd A. Price,, "Chef D'z Cafe coming to Broad Street," 29 Aug. 2017 The best attended practice came on Monday with 9,240 showing up to the 12,000-seat venue. Drew Davison, star-telegram, "Ford Center serves the Cowboys well for training camp," 29 Aug. 2017

Recent Examples on the Web: Noun

If goods were being transmitted back and forth between these regions in the 14th century, bacteria likely were as well. Diana Gitig, Ars Technica, "Medieval European plague genomes hint at Black Death’s travels," 5 Dec. 2018 The Commerce Department said Wednesday that orders for durable goods dropped 4.4 percent last month. Martin Crutsinger, The Seattle Times, "US durable goods orders fall 4.4 percent in October," 21 Nov. 2018 But both dietitians agree that there is no good in feeling guilty or upset the day after a big meal. Jenna Rosenstein, Harper's BAZAAR, "The Holidays Are Coming—Here's How To Get Back On Track After a Big Meal," 19 Oct. 2018 Ma, who is 53 years old, stared Alibaba in 1999 and helped grow it into a $420 billion business that has been instrumental in shaping how Chinese citizens purchase and pay for online goods. Nick Statt, The Verge, "Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma will retire from the company next week," 7 Sep. 2018 But that figure is for goods only — not for services, which represent nearly 80 percent of the economy, where the United States has a small trade surplus with Europe. Steven Erlanger, New York Times, "Amid the Trumpian Chaos, Europe Sees a Strategy: Divide and Conquer," 13 July 2018 To be fair, Trump has said some sensible things about improved relations with Russia being good for everyone. Andrew Malcolm,, "Will Trump stand up to Putin or fall for him?," 12 July 2018 The Trump administration has used the March report as the basis for levying tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese goods, about half of what Beijing sends to the U.S. annually. Bob Davis, WSJ, "U.S. Trade Representative Criticizes ‘Unfair’ Practices by China," 20 Nov. 2018 Then in September, a 10 percent tariff was placed on another $200 billion of Chinese goods. Shannon Liao, The Verge, "US tariffs could hit remaining Chinese goods, including tech products," 29 Oct. 2018

Recent Examples on the Web: Adverb

There are so many battles to fight: creating good-paying jobs, addressing pay equity with African-American women and people of color, fighting for PEPFAR in advancing toward a cure for HIV/AIDS. Dayna Evans, The Cut, "Congresswoman Barbara Lee Knows What It Takes to Fight Power," 22 Aug. 2017 The Committee believes that strategic investments in the physical science areas are vitally important for the United States to remain the global leader in innovation, productivity, economic growth, and good-paying jobs. Jeffrey Mervis, Science | AAAS, "Why a flat 2018 budget could tie NSF’s hands," 14 July 2017 Over the past decade, as manufacturing employment shrank across the Rust Belt, Warsaw displayed a rare resilience, steadily adding good-paying factory positions that do not require a college degree. Danielle Paquette, Alaska Dispatch News, "In one slice of the Midwest, a labor shortage weighs on the economy," 21 June 2017 When my arm feels good, pitching is my favorite thing to do on the diamond. Tim Schwartz, Howard County Times, "Mt. Hebron ace, slugger Jack Schroeder earns baseball Player of the Year honor," 21 June 2017 A loaf that tastes good, or good enough, and doesn't leave any mess whatsoever. David Grossman, Popular Mechanics, "The Surprising Challenge of Bringing Bread to Space," 8 June 2017 This is all well and good, but my concern is that the bigger issue of Russian interference is getting lost in all of the high stakes drama. Alice Stewart, CNN, "Comey drama yields more he said, he said," 8 June 2017 These go well and good when the environment is healthy. Filipe Pacheco,, "Mobius Criticizes One-Size-Fits-All IMF Rate Advice to Egypt," 22 May 2017 Trump stood in front of a wall of recycled trash to slam free-trade policies and promised to bring back good-paying coal mining and steel-making jobs. Alex Seitz-wald, NBC News, "Defeated Pro-Trump Democratic Mayor is Down in the Dumps," 20 May 2017

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'good.' Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback.

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First Known Use of good


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a(1)


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a


13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

History and Etymology for good


Middle English, from Old English gōd; akin to Old High German guot good, Middle High German gatern to unite, Sanskrit gadhya what one clings to


see good entry 1


see good entry 1

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More Definitions for good



English Language Learners Definition of good

 (Entry 1 of 3)

: of high quality

: of somewhat high but not excellent quality

: correct or proper



English Language Learners Definition of good (Entry 2 of 3)

: morally good forces or influences

: something that is right or good

the good : the pleasant things that happen to people



English Language Learners Definition of good (Entry 3 of 3)

: completely and thoroughly

—used for emphasis before words like long and many


\ˈgu̇d \
better\ˈbe-​tər \; best\ˈbest \

Kids Definition of good

 (Entry 1 of 2)

1 : better than average good work

2 : skillful a good dancer

3 : behaving well a good child

4 : pleasant sense 1, enjoyable We had a good time.

5 : healthful Eat a good breakfast.

6 : of a favorable character or tendency good news

7 : suitable for a use : satisfactory You need good light for reading.

8 : desirable sense 1, attractive He's looking for a good job.

9 : showing good sense or judgment good advice

10 : closely following a standard of what is correct or proper good manners

11 : reliable a good neighbor

12 : helpful, kind How good of you to wait!

13 : being honest and upright She comes from a good family.

14 : being at least the amount mentioned We waited a good hour.

15 : considerable I need a good deal more.

as good as

: almost The car I'm selling is as good as new.



Kids Definition of good (Entry 2 of 2)

1 : welfare sense 1, benefit Homework is for your own good.

2 : the good part of a person or thing I believe there is good in all of us.

3 : something right or good Good will come of this.

4 goods plural : products that are made for sale canned goods

5 goods plural : personal property He sold all his worldly goods.


better; best

Legal Definition of good 

(Entry 1 of 2)

1 : commercially sound or reliable a good risk

2a : valid or effectual under the law

b : free of defects

3a : characterized by honesty and fairness

b : conforming to a standard of virtue shall hold their offices during good behaviorU.S. Constitution art. III also : characterized by or relating to good behavior



Legal Definition of good (Entry 2 of 2)

1 : advancement of prosperity and well-being for the good of the community

2 : an item of tangible movable personal property having value but usually excluding money, securities, and negotiable instruments usually used in pl. : as

a  plural : all things under section 2-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are movable at the time of identification to the contract for sale other than information, the money that is to be paid, investment securities, the subject matter of foreign exchange transactions, and choses in action

b  plural : all things under section 9-102 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are movable at the time that a security interest in them attaches or that are fixtures but excluding money, documents, instruments, accounts, chattel paper, general intangibles, commercial tort claims, deposit accounts, investment property, letter-of-credit rights, letters of credit, and minerals or the like before extraction

consumer goods

: goods purchased primarily for personal, family, or household uses

durable goods

: consumer goods that last and are used for a number of years : durables

fungible goods

: goods of which any unit is by nature or by usage of trade the equivalent of any other like unit especially as defined by section 1-201 of the Uniform Commercial Code

future goods

: goods that are the subject of a contract but are not yet existing or specified

hard goods

: durable goods in this entry

household goods

: goods used in connection with the home specifically : furniture, furnishings, and personal effects used in a dwelling as defined by section 7-209 of the Uniform Commercial Code

mobile goods

: goods as formerly defined in section 9-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are mobile, are of a type (as vehicles) usually used in more than one jurisdiction, are not covered by a certificate of title, and are either the equipment of a debtor or inventory leased by a debtor

ordinary goods

: goods as formerly defined by section 9-103 of the Uniform Commercial Code that are anything other than those covered by a certificate of title, mobile goods, or minerals

producer goods

: goods (as tools and raw materials) used to produce other goods and satisfy human wants only indirectly

soft goods

: consumer goods that are not durable goods

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living or existing for a long time

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