too good to refuse

Definition of too good to refuse

  1. :  so good that a person feels he or she must accept it Their offer was too good to refuse.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  besides, also

    :  to an excessive degree :  excessively

    :  to such a degree as to be regrettable

  1. :  of a favorable character or tendency

    :  bountiful, fertile

    :  handsome, attractive

  1. :  something that is good

    :  something conforming to the moral order of the universe

    :  praiseworthy character :  goodness

  1. :  well

    : used as an intensive

  1. :  to express oneself as unwilling to accept

    :  to show or express unwillingness to do or comply with

    :  to not allow someone to have or do (something) :  deny

  1. :  the worthless or useless part of something :  leavings

    :  trash, garbage

  1. :  thrown aside or left as worthless

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