good scout

Definition of good scout

US, informal + somewhat old-fashioned

  1. :  a person who is friendly, kind, helpful, etc.

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  of a favorable character or tendency

    :  bountiful, fertile

    :  handsome, attractive

  1. :  something that is good

    :  something conforming to the moral order of the universe

    :  praiseworthy character :  goodness

  1. :  well

    : used as an intensive

  1. :  to explore an area to obtain information (as about an enemy)

    :  to make a search

    :  to work as a talent scout

  1. :  one sent to obtain information

    :  a soldier, ship, or plane sent out in war to reconnoiter

    :  watchman, lookout

  1. :  mock

    :  to reject scornfully

    :  scoff

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