called into action

Definition of called into action

  1. :  asked to start working or doing a particular task <As a doctor, she can be called into action at any time of the day.> <Our military unit was called into action at the start of the war.>

Word by Word Definitions

callplay called
  1. :  to speak in a loud distinct voice so as to be heard at a distance :  shout

    :  to make a request or demand

    :  to utter a characteristic note or cry

  1. :  an act of calling with the voice :  shout

    :  an imitation of the cry of a bird or other animal made to attract it

    :  an instrument used for calling

  1. :  the initiating of a proceeding in a court of justice by which one demands or enforces one's right

    :  the proceeding itself

    :  the bringing about of an alteration by force or through a natural agency

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to trick or confuse (someone)

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