Synonyms and Antonyms of incident

  1. 1 something that happens the odd little incident was reported in the local paper Synonyms affair, circumstance, episode, hap, happening, event, occasion, occurrence, thingRelated Words coincidence, co-occurrence, fluke, freak; landmark, milepost, milestone, page, phenomenon, turning point; adventure, experience, time; happenchance, happenstance; accident, crisis, emergency, juncture; achievement, deed, exploit, feat; news, tidings

  2. 2 something that is found along with something else a teen discovering that taxes are the inevitable and evil incident of a paying job Synonyms attendant, companion, concomitant, corollary, accompaniment, obbligatoRelated Words accessory (also accessary), adjunct, appendage; complement, supplement; counterpart, fellow, mate; consequence, follow-up; fixings, trimmings

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