Synonyms and Antonyms of coincident

  1. 1 present at the same time and place the hard economic times and the coincident increase in crime were a double strain on the city's social services Synonyms accompanying, attendant, attending, coexistent, coexisting, coincidental, concomitant, concurrent Related Words contemporaneous, contemporary, simultaneous, synchronous; associated, collateral, connected, linked, related; consequent, resultant, resulting; ensuing, following, subsequent; accidental, casual, chance, fluky (also flukey), fortuitous, freak, incident, incidental Near Antonyms unassociated, unconnected, unrelated

  2. 2 occupying the same space a study to determine whether the areas with the highest family incomes were coincident with the locations boasting the highest percentage of college graduates Synonyms coextensive, coinciding, conterminous, coterminousRelated Words allover, overlaying, superimposed, superposed, underlying; conjoining, crisscrossing, intersecting, overlapping; coaxial, concurrent, convergent; congruent, conjunctionalNear Antonyms nonconcurrent, noncongruent

  3. 3 existing or occurring at the same period of time coincident changes in the region's demographic makeup that were little noted at the time Synonyms coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, coexisting, coextensive, contemporary, coincidental, concurrent, contemporaneous, coterminous, simultaneous, synchronic, synchronousRelated Words accompanying, attendant, attending, concomitant, incidentAntonyms asynchronous, noncontemporary, nonsimultaneous, nonsynchronous

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