Synonyms and Antonyms of coterminous

  1. 1 existing or occurring at the same period of time the Alfred Lunt–Lynn Fontanne partnership was more or less coterminous with Broadway's golden age Synonyms coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, coexisting, coextensive, coincident, coincidental, concurrent, contemporaneous, contemporary, simultaneous, synchronic, synchronousRelated Words accompanying, attendant, attending, concomitant, incidentAntonyms asynchronous, noncontemporary, nonsimultaneous, nonsynchronous

  2. 2 occupying the same space Massachusetts' Nantucket County isn't quite coterminous with the island of the same name, as the county includes two small nearby islets Synonyms coincident, coinciding, conterminous, coextensiveRelated Words allover, overlaying, superimposed, superposed, underlying; conjoining, crisscrossing, intersecting, overlapping; coaxial, concurrent, convergent; congruent, conjunctionalNear Antonyms nonconcurrent, noncongruent

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