kiss off


Synonyms and Antonyms of kiss off

  1. 1 to end a usually intimate relationship with kisses off every girlfriend with the line, “It's not you…it's me” Synonyms blow off, break off (with), dump, jilt, ditch, leaveRelated Words brush (aside or off), cold-shoulder, cut, high-hat, slight, snub; abandon, desert, forsake, maroon, quitNear Antonyms hook up (with), take; befriend, latch (on or onto)

  2. 2 to express scornfully one's low opinion of a chef who airily kisses off the cuisine of his rivals as homey comfort food Synonyms bad-mouth, belittle, cry down, denigrate, deprecate, depreciate, derogate, diminish, dis (also diss) [slang], discount, dismiss, disparage, decry, minimize, play down, poor-mouth, put down, run down, talk down, trash, trash-talk, vilipend, write offRelated Words discommend; abuse, scold; disapprove (of), dislike; censure, condemn, criticize, denounce, reprehend, reprobate; asperse, defame, malign, rip, slander, slur, traduce, vilify; discredit, disgraceNear Antonyms approve, countenance, endorse (also indorse), favor, recommend, sanction; commend, compliment, eulogizeAntonyms acclaim, applaud, exalt, extol (also extoll), glorify, laud, magnify, praise

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