blow up


Synonyms and Antonyms of blow up

  1. 1 to become very angry she blew up at everybody after a very long and very bad day Synonyms flare (up), flip (out) [slang] Related Words anger, fulminate, rage, rant, rave, snap, snarl, sputter, storm, tee off, vent, vituperate; bristle, burn, foam, fume, glare, glower, seethe, sizzle, smolder (or smoulder), steam, warm; burst, explode, flare (out), flash, inflame (also enflame), madden Phrases blow a gasket, blow one's cool, blow one's stack, blow one's top, fly into a rage, fly off the handle, forget oneself, go ballistic, have a fit, hit the ceiling, hit the roof, lose one's cool, lose one's temper Near Antonyms chill out [slang], cool (off or down), relax; hush, quiet (down) Antonyms calm (down), simmer down

  2. 2 to break open or into pieces usually because of internal pressure the building blew up because of a gas leak Synonyms blow, explode, burst, crump, detonate, go off, popRelated Words fragment, shatter, smash, splinter; discharge, fire, shoot; balloon, burgeon (also bourgeon), mushroomNear Antonyms collapse, fizzleAntonyms implode

  3. 3 to cause to break open or into pieces by or as if by an explosive blew up the biggest rocks and then cleared them away Synonyms blow, blast, burst, demolish, explode, pop, shatter, smashRelated Words dynamite; annihilate, decimate, destroy; ruin, wreck; detonate, discharge; fragment, splinterNear Antonyms collapse, implode

  4. 4 to praise or publicize lavishly and often excessively the advertisement blows the new soda up to the point where I half expected to be transported to a higher level of consciousness Synonyms ballyhoo, tout, crack up, cry up, glorify, trumpet, tub-thumpRelated Words acclaim, applaud, extol (also extoll), laud, magnify; commend, compliment, eulogize; advance, advertise, announce, blare, blaze, blazon, boost, herald, offer, plug, promote, publicize; assert, aver, claim, declare, lay down, make out, proclaim, pronounce

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