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How is the word adamant different from other adjectives like it?

The words inflexible and obdurate are common synonyms of adamant. While all three words mean "unwilling to alter a predetermined course or purpose," adamant implies utter immovability in the face of all temptation or entreaty.

adamant that the work should continue

When is it sensible to use inflexible instead of adamant?

The words inflexible and adamant can be used in similar contexts, but inflexible implies rigid adherence or even slavish conformity to principle.

inflexible in their demands

When could obdurate be used to replace adamant?

The words obdurate and adamant are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, obdurate stresses hardness of heart and insensitivity to appeals for mercy or the influence of divine grace.

obdurate in his refusal to grant clemency

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