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Synonyms and Antonyms of stoic

  1. 1 accepting pains or hardships calmly or without complaint after waiting six years for permission to immigrate to the U.S., the family is stoic about a six-month postponement Synonyms of stoic forbearing, long-suffering, patient (or stoical), tolerant, uncomplainingWords Related to stoic lenient; acquiescent, passive, resigned, unresistant, yielding; agreeable, amenable, compliant, complying, conformist, docile, law-abiding, obedient, placable, submissive, subordinate, tractable, willing; slavish, subservient; amiable, obliging; collected, composed; constrained, contained, curbed, inhibited, repressed, restrained; disciplined, self-contained, self-controlled; apathetic, uncaring, unresponsiveNear Antonyms of stoic bored, tired, weary; defiant, resistant; contrary, disobedient, insubordinate, intractable, rebellious, recalcitrant, refractory, ungovernable, unmanageable, unrulyAntonyms of stoic complaining, fed up, impatient, kvetching, kvetchy, protesting

  2. 2 not feeling or showing emotion at her husband's funeral she remained stoic, and only a few imagined the depth of her grief Synonyms of stoic affectless, apathetic, cold-blooded, emotionless, impassible, numb, passionless, phlegmatic, impassive (or stoical), stolid, undemonstrative, unemotionalWords Related to stoic cold, cool, dispassionate, unmoved; calm, collected, composed; imperturbable, unflappable; reserved, reticent, taciturn; bland, blank, deadpan, dry, empty, expressionless, inexpressive, stone-faced, straight-faced, vacant, wooden; enigmatic (also enigmatical), impenetrable, inscrutable; aloof, bloodless, detached, indifferent, insensible, unconcerned, unsentimental; impersonal, objective, unresponsive; hard-hearted, pitiless, unfeeling; inconsiderate, thoughtlessNear Antonyms of stoic blazing, burning, fiery, flaming, glowing, red-hot; ardent, enthusiastic, gung ho, warm-blooded, zealous; gushing, maudlin, mawkish, mushy, sentimental; dramatic, histrionic, melodramatic, overemotional, overheated, perfervid; compassionate, responsive, sympathetic; reactive, sensitiveAntonyms of stoic demonstrative, emotional, fervent, fervid, hot-blooded, impassioned, passional, passionate, vehement

Synonym Discussion of stoic

impassive, stoic, phlegmatic, apathetic, stolid mean unresponsive to something that might normally excite interest or emotion. impassive stresses the absence of any external sign of emotion in action or facial expression.
    • met the news with an impassive look
stoic implies an apparent indifference to pleasure or especially to pain often as a matter of principle or self-discipline.
    • was resolutely stoic even in adversity
phlegmatic implies a temperament or constitution hard to arouse.
    • a phlegmatic man unmoved by tears
apathetic may imply a puzzling or deplorable indifference or inertness.
    • charitable appeals met an apathetic response
stolid implies a habitual absence of interest, responsiveness, or curiosity.
    • stolid workers wedded to routine

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