Synonyms and Antonyms of requite

  1. 1 to provide (someone) with a just payment for loss or injury the company requited the employee who had fallen on the ice while leaving work by promptly paying all his medical bills, hoping that would stave off a lawsuit Synonyms indemnify, recompense, recoup, remunerate, compensate, satisfyRelated Words refund, reimburse, repay; redress, remedy, repair; discharge, pay, quit

  2. 2 to punish in kind the wrongdoer responsible for the future writer would later requite the abuse he suffered at the hands of his classmates by creating scathing portraits of them in his novels Synonyms redress, avenge, retaliate, revenge, venge [archaic]Related Words castigate, fix, get, penalize, punish, scourge; chasten, chastise, correct, discipline; right; compensate, pay (back), recompense, repayNear Antonyms absolve, condone, excuse, forgive, pardon, remit

  3. 3 to make a return for I fear my love for her will never be requited Synonyms recompense, repay, reciprocateRelated Words exchange; compensate, indemnify, pay, recoup, remunerate, satisfy; give back, refund, reimburse, restitute; avenge, get back (at), retaliate, revengeNear Antonyms owe

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