verb, chiefly British

Synonyms and Antonyms of quieten

  1. 1 to free from distress or disturbance the nanny tried to quieten the children with assurances that help was on its way Synonyms becalm, compose, lull, lullaby, quiet, calm [chiefly British], salve, settle, soothe, still, tranquilize (also tranquillize)Related Words appease, conciliate, hush, mollify, pacify, placate; allay, alleviate, assuage, ease, lay, mitigate, quell, relax, relieve, solace; narcotize, sedate, stupefyNear Antonyms aggravate, heighten, intensify; arouse, excite, foment, incite, rouse, stir (up), work upAntonyms agitate, discompose, disquiet, disturb, key (up), perturb, upset, vex

  2. 2 to stop the noise or speech of one young chap was trying to quieten down the group Synonyms dumb, extinguish, hush, mute, quell, quiet, silence [chiefly British], settle, shush, shut up, squelch, stillNear Antonyms agitate, stir

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