Synonyms and Antonyms of necessitous

  1. 1 impossible to do without all the dreaded, necessitous decisions that one must make when arranging the funeral of a loved one Synonyms of necessitous all-important, critical, imperative, indispensable, integral, must-have, necessary, essential, needed, needful, required, requisite, vitalWords Related to necessitous prerequisite; compulsory, mandatory, nonelective, obligatory; consequential, crucial, important, major, material, meaningful, momentous, significant, substantial, weighty; basic, central, fundamental, key, organic; insistent, persistent, pressing, urgentNear Antonyms of necessitous undesired, unwanted; inconsequential, insignificant, unimportant; excess, external, extra, extraneous, superfluous, surplusAntonyms of necessitous dispensable, inessential, needless, nonessential, unessential, unnecessary, unneeded

  2. 2 lacking money or material possessions amidst the holiday feasting, merrymaking and spending, it was easy to overlook the necessitous members of the community Synonyms of necessitous beggared, beggarly, broke, destitute, dirt-poor, down-and-out, famished, hard up, impecunious, impoverished, indigent, poor, needful, needy, pauperized, penniless, penurious, poverty-stricken, skint [chiefly British], threadbareWords Related to necessitous deprived, disadvantaged, dispossessed, unaffluent, underprivileged; bankrupt, bankrupted, bust (or busted), insolvent; possessionless, ruined; depressed, distressed, hand-to-mouth, hardscrabble, pinched, poorish, reduced, straitened; cash-strapped, low, short, tapped outNear Antonyms of necessitous comfortable, prosperousAntonyms of necessitous affluent, deep-pocketed, fat, fat-cat, flush, moneyed (also monied), opulent, rich, silk-stocking, wealthy, well-heeled, well-off, well-to-do

  3. 3 needing immediate attention firmly of the belief that no matter is so necessitous that it cannot be put off until tomorrow Synonyms of necessitous burning, clamant, compelling, critical, crying, dire, emergent, exigent, imperative, imperious, importunate, instant, acute, pressing, urgentWords Related to necessitous demanding, extreme, immediate, insistent, intense, overriding; crucial, desperate, grave, life-and-death (also life-or-death), serious, severe, vital; dangerous, explosive, hazardous, perilous, precarious, unstableNear Antonyms of necessitous incidental, low-pressure, minor, negligible, trivial, unimportant; nonthreatening, safe, stableAntonyms of necessitous noncritical, nonurgent

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