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  1. 1 engaging in or marked by loud and insistent cries especially of protest clamant students gathered outside the college president's office, protesting the denial of tenure for the popular professor Synonyms blatant, caterwauling, vociferous, clamorous, obstreperous, squawking, vociferant, vociferating, yawping (or yauping), yowlingRelated Words clangorous, dinning, discordant, noisy; loudmouthed, outspoken, vocal; boisterous, rackety, raucous, robustious, rowdy, uproarious; cacophonous, dissonant, earsplitting, grating, shrill, strident; blaring, blustering, booming, brassy, brazenNear Antonyms noiseless, quiet, silent, soundless, still; calm, hushed, subdued

  2. 2 needing immediate attention faced with utter bankruptcy, she didn't think that moist skin was one of her clamant needs at that moment Synonyms burning, acute, compelling, critical, crying, dire, emergent, exigent, imperative, imperious, importunate, instant, necessitous, pressing, urgentRelated Words demanding, extreme, immediate, insistent, intense, overriding; crucial, desperate, grave, life-and-death (also life-or-death), serious, severe, vital; dangerous, explosive, hazardous, perilous, precarious, unstableNear Antonyms incidental, low-pressure, minor, negligible, trivial, unimportant; nonthreatening, safe, stableAntonyms noncritical, nonurgent

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