as in merry
indicative of or marked by high spirits or good humor the comedian's jocose introductions kept the awards ceremony from becoming a stodgy affair

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How is the word jocose distinct from other similar adjectives?

Some common synonyms of jocose are facetious, humorous, jocular, and witty. While all these words mean "provoking or intended to provoke laughter," jocose is somewhat less derogatory than facetious in suggesting habitual waggishness or playfulness.

jocose proposals

When could facetious be used to replace jocose?

The words facetious and jocose are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, facetious stresses a desire to produce laughter and may be derogatory in implying dubious or ill-timed attempts at wit or humor.

facetious comments

When is humorous a more appropriate choice than jocose?

The meanings of humorous and jocose largely overlap; however, humorous applies broadly to anything that evokes usually genial laughter and may contrast with witty in suggesting whimsicality or eccentricity.

humorous anecdotes

When can jocular be used instead of jocose?

Although the words jocular and jocose have much in common, jocular implies a usually habitual fondness for jesting and joking.

a jocular fellow

When would witty be a good substitute for jocose?

The words witty and jocose can be used in similar contexts, but witty suggests cleverness and quickness of mind.

a witty remark


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