fan out


Synonyms and Antonyms of fan out

  1. 1 to arrange the parts of (something) over a wider area the accordionist smoothly fanned out the bellows of his instrument as he played Synonyms expand, extend, open (out), flare (out), outspread, outstretch, spread (out), stretch (out), unfold, unfurlRelated Words overspreadNear Antonyms compact, compress, condense, reduceAntonyms close, contract, fold

  2. 2 to extend outwards from or as if from a central point most of the city's subway lines fan out from this central station Synonyms branch, radiate (out), rayRelated Words diffuse, dispel, disperse, dissipate; fork, stem; diverge, divide, part, ramify, separate, split, uncouple, unlink, unyoke; scatter, splay, spread; arise, derive, emanate, flow, issue, proceed, springNear Antonyms approach, close in (on), near; center (on), centralize; connect, couple, join, link, uniteAntonyms concentrate, converge, focus, funnel, meet

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