adjective \ˈver-ē, ˈve-rē\

—used to emphasize that you are talking about one specific thing or part and not another

: not having anything added or extra

—used to emphasize that something belongs to or is part of a particular person or thing


Full Definition of VERY

a :  properly entitled to the name or designation :  true <the fierce hatred of a very woman — J. M. Barrie>
b :  actual, real <the very blood and bone of our grammar — H. L. Smith †1972>
c :  simple, plain <in very truth>
a :  exact, precise <the very heart of the city>
b :  exactly suitable or necessary <the very thing for the purpose>
a :  absolute, utter <the veriest fool alive>
b :  unqualified, sheer <the very shame of it>
—used as an intensive especially to emphasize identity <before my very eyes>
:  mere, bare <the very thought terrified him>
:  being the same one :  selfsame <the very man I saw>
:  special, particular <the very essence of truth is plainness and brightness — John Milton>

Examples of VERY

  1. <we stayed in the very hotel my parents stayed in for their honeymoon>
  2. <the very thought of having to go through that again is scary>

Origin of VERY

Middle English verray, verry, from Anglo-French verai, from Vulgar Latin *veracus, alteration of Latin verac-, verax truthful, from verus true; akin to Old English ̄r true, Old High German wāra trust, care, Greek ēra (accusative) favor
First Known Use: 13th century



: to a great degree

—used to emphasize the exactness of a description

Full Definition of VERY

:  in actual fact :  truly <the very best store in town> <told the very same story>
:  to a high degree :  exceedingly <very hot> <didn't hurt very much>

Examples of VERY

  1. <that was a very brave thing to do>
  2. <the very same thing happened to me>

First Known Use of VERY

14th century
May 24, 2015
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