adverb \ˈrē-(ə-)lē\

—used to refer to what is true or real

: without question or doubt

: to a great degree

Full Definition of REALLY

a :  in reality :  actually <things as they really are> <there was nothing peculiar about her doing this, really — Peter Taylor>
b :  truly, unquestionably —used as an intensifier <a really beautiful day>
c :  very 2 <look really close> <he runs really fast>
—used to emphasize an assertion <you really should read Yeats> <really, you're being ridiculous>

Examples of REALLY

  1. The dog runs really fast.
  2. The water is really hot.
  3. She's a really nice person.
  4. I had a really good time at the party.

First Known Use of REALLY

15th century

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