adverb \ˈak-ch(ə-w)ə-lē, -sh(ə-w)ə-lē; ˈaksh-lē, ˈaks-\

—used to refer to what is true or real

—used to stress that a statement is true especially when it differs in some way from what might have been thought or expected

Full Definition of ACTUALLY

:  in act or in fact :  really <nominally but not actually independent — Karl Loewenstein> <won't actually arrive for an hour>
:  in point of fact —used to suggest something unexpected <he could actually read the Greek>

Examples of ACTUALLY

  1. <actually, I'd rather spend the evening at home>
  2. <I call her Aunt Emily, but she is actually my cousin, not my aunt.>

First Known Use of ACTUALLY

15th century

Related to ACTUALLY

admittedly, forsooth, frankly, honestly, indeed, really, truly, truthfully, verily, as a matter of fact, in actuality, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, in truth, to be sure
professedly, supposedly


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