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adjective ac·tu·al \ˈak-ch(ə-w)əl, -sh(ə-w)əl; -chü-əl, -shü-\

: real and not merely possible or imagined : existing in fact

: known to be correct or precise : not false or apparent

—used for emphasis

Full Definition of ACTUAL

obsolete :  active
a :  existing in act and not merely potentially
b :  existing in fact or reality <actual and imagined conditions>
c :  not false or apparent <actual costs>
:  existing or occurring at the time <caught in the actual commission of a crime>

Examples of ACTUAL

  1. They signed the agreement in the spring, but the actual sale wasn't made until that summer.
  2. You deposit money in a bank account but the actual money is not held there.
  3. The actual cost of the repair was much higher than the estimate.

Origin of ACTUAL

Middle English actuel, from Late Latin actualis, from Latin actus act
First Known Use: 14th century
ACTUAL Defined for Kids


adjective ac·tu·al \ˈak-chə-wəl\

Definition of ACTUAL for Kids

:  really existing or happening :  not false <The movie is based on actual events.>
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