adverb \ˈtü\

: in addition

: more than what is wanted, needed, acceptable, possible, etc.

: to a high degree or extent : very or extremely

Full Definition of TOO

:  besides, also <sell the house and furniture too>
a :  to an excessive degree :  excessively <too large a house for us>
b :  to such a degree as to be regrettable <this time he has gone too far>
c :  very <didn't seem too interested>
:  so 2d <“I didn't do it.” “You did too.”>

Examples of TOO

  1. We are selling the house and the furniture too.
  2. He saw something, and she saw it too.
  3. I want to go too!
  4. The soup is too hot.
  5. The offer was too good to refuse.
  6. This shirt is way too big for me.
  7. She is much too young to be watching this movie.
  8. You gave me too many cards.
  9. I have too much to do.
  10. He works much too hard.
  11. Too, Uncle Jake's hair was still a hard, young, brown color whereas Father's was full of pleasant gray streaks. —Peter Taylor, The Old Forest and Other Stories, 1985

Origin of TOO

Middle English, from Old English to, too — more at to
First Known Use: before 12th century
TOO Defined for Kids


adverb \ˈtü\

Definition of TOO for Kids

:  in addition :  also <I'm a student too.>
:  to a greater than wanted or needed degree <The load was too heavy.>
:  1very 1 <He's not too upset.>


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