noun \ˈalso ˈdyü\

: drops of water that form outside at night on grass, trees, etc.

Full Definition of DEW

:  moisture condensed upon the surfaces of cool bodies especially at night
:  something resembling dew in purity, freshness, or power to refresh
:  moisture especially when appearing in minute droplets: as
a :  tears
b :  sweat
c :  droplets of water produced by a plant in transpiration
dew transitive verb
dew·less \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of DEW

  1. The grass was wet with the morning dew.

Origin of DEW

Middle English, from Old English dēaw; akin to Old High German tou dew, Greek thein to run
First Known Use: before 12th century

Other Climate/Meteorology Terms

monsoon, occlusion, ozone, rime, squall, zephyr



Definition of DEW

distant early warning

Other Military Terms

bivouac, logistics, petard, salient, sally, supernumerary, tactical
DEW Defined for Kids


noun \ˈdü, ˈdyü\

Definition of DEW for Kids

:  moisture that collects on cool surfaces at night
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